The project on Ukrainian bears goes on

Teresa Berezowska-Cnota from our team together with Svitlana Kudrenko from the Frankfurt Zoological Society have been awarded the Research and Conservation Grant, funded by the International Association for Bear Research and Management, for the second time! The project’s goal is to conduct the first systematic genetic monitoring of brown […]

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photo by Alberto García Rodríguez

About bear interventions

The intervention with a yearling bear captured near Teleśnica in January this year sparked a vivid discussion. Researchers from the Institute of Nature Conservation of the Polish Academy of Sciences and other experts collaborating under the Carpathian Brown Bear Project initiative emphasize that the history and course of interventions with bears so far require a […]

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How people accept wildlife? – talk by Nuria Selva

Nuria Selva talks about the acceptance of wildlife in different countries at the “Wildtier Forum Berlin 2021” entitled “I like animals, but not here- when wildlife and humans come into conflict”. The Forum ( was organised by the German Wildlife Foundation on 5th November 2021 and counted with […]

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