Danka and her cubs in Zakopane

Do not feed bears!

Bears inhabiting Polish Tatras live very close to humans. But sometimes they come too close. “Danka”, along with her three cubs, try to use the rest of the food from unsecured trash. Filip Zięba from the Tatra National Park and Nuria Selva from the Institute of Nature PAS took part in the film material […]

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Bear front-foot

The Carpathian Brown Bear Project website was a bit dormant for the last time. This does not mean that the CBBP team was hibernating! We have been involved in the implementation of GLOBE, BearDamages and BearConnect projects. We will soon announce new publications and our current activities.

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Iwo’s incredible journey to the south

Iwo, a 5-year old bear collared in Poland, went from the Tatra Mountains through the whole Slovakia to Hungary in one week. Iwo was captured and collared in the Polish Tatras by researchers of the Tatra National  Park and the Institute of Nature Conservation in Krakow a year ago. […]

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Photo by Juliusz Ćwieluch

Dangerous food

In the last number of “Swiat Nauki”, the Polish edition of Scientific American, dr. Robert W. Mysłajek covers our article in PloS ONE about the indirect and unexpected effects of ungulate feeding. This game management practice affects many species, not only the ones that are intended to be fed.  It can be particularly dangerous for birds which […]

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Genetic sampling over

The sampling sessions to collect bear genetic material in the Podkarpackie Voivodship are over now. After 3 months of intensive field work and thousands of kilometers driven & walked, we succeeded in getting hundreds of samples. The next step is to organize and classify them in order to later proceed to the laboratory analysis. We […]

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