photo by Djuro Huber

Precious bone samples added to our sample bank

Despite the project approaching an end, we visited the Tatra Mountains again in October 2020. Together with our colleagues from the Tatra National Park, we inspected bear bones found earlier. Monitoring mortality and registering such cases is very important. We will not be able to analyze those samples […]

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Guide on carnivore abundance estimation

Providing reliable population estimation of wild carnivores is essential for their proper management and conservation. Teresa Berezowska-Cnota, Djuro Huber, Agnieszka Olszańska, Nuria Selva and Agnieszka Sergiel from our Institute have co-authored an overview of methods used to estimate relative abundance and population density of nine large European wild carnivore species, including the […]

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photo by CBBP

On rewilding in “Geographical”

In the latest issue of “Geographical” Jacob Dykes, with assistance of our Team member, Carlos Bautista, introduced the rewilding projects across Europe. Carnivore populations are currently expanding across our continent. Some rewilding projects are working not only to expand populations of carnivores, but also to restore ‘self-regulating’ nature on the continent. Taking into account […]

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