Scientific articles

Below you can find some recent publications of the CBBP team:

Sergiel A., Naves J., Kujawski P., Maślak R., Serwa E., Ramos D., Fernández-Gil A., Revilla E., Zwijacz-Kozica T., Zięba F., Painer J., Selva N. 2017. Histological, chemical and behavioural evidence of pedal communication in brown bears. Scientific Reports 7:1052

Sergiel A., Hobson K. A., Janz D. M., Cattet M., Selva N., Kapronczai L., Gryba C., Zedrosser A. 2017. Compatibility of preparatory procedures for the analysis of cortisol concentrations and stable isotope (δ13C, δ15N) ratios: a test on brown bear hair. Conservation Physiology 5(1): COX021

Bautista C., Naves J., Revilla E., Fernández N., Albrecht J., Scharf A.K., Rigg R., Karamanlidis A.A., Jerina K., Huber D., Palazón S., Kont R., Ciucci P., Groff C., Dutsov A., Seijas J., Quenette P-Y., Olszańska A., Shkvyria M., Adamec M., Ozolins J., Jonozovič M., Selva N. 2016. Patterns and correlates of claims for brown bear damage on a continental scale. Journal of Applied Ecology DOI: 10.1111/1365-2664.12708

Ziolkowska E., Ostapowicz K., Radeloff V., Kuemmerle T., Sergiel A., Zwijacz-Kozica T., Zięba F., Śmietana W., Selva N. 2016. Assessing differences in connectivity based on habitat versus movement models for brown bears in the Carpathians. Landscape Ecology 03/2016; DOI: 10.1007/s10980-016-0368-8

Mateo-Tomas P., Olea P.P., Moleon M., Vicente J., Botella F., Selva N., Vinuela J., Sanchez-Zapata J.A. 2015. From regional to global patterns in vertebrate scavenger communities subsidized by big game hunting. Diversity and Distribution 21 (8): 913–924.