Have you observed bears mating? Observations wanted!

The breeding season in brown bears is defined as the period when copulations occur and courtship and breeding behavior are observed. The mating season of the brown bear lasts for approximately 2.5 months, from late spring to early summer. Bears in Europe usually mate between mid-May and early July. However, courtship and mating behavior of free-ranging bears are difficult to observe, due to its low numbers and elusive behavior. Particularly in the Carpathians Mountains, the breeding behavior of brown bears remains quite unknown. To fill this gap in knowledge and to better understand the breeding behavior of bears, we are gathering observations. If you are one of the lucky persons that have observed bears mating in the Northern Carpathians and would like to share, please fill the observation card and send to carpathianbrownbear@gmail.com. Thank you very much for your contribution!

Observation card bear copulation