Hugo inaugurates the season

Within the cooperation agreement between the Institute of Nature Conservation PAS and Tatra National Park bear trapping and collaring have just started. Research conducted within this project should answer several questions about the impact of global and climate changes on the life of bears. The first individual was captured in the last hours of March in the Tatra Mountains. It was a very big male, which weighted 220 kilograms. Nearly two hours after the midnight on 1st April, Hugo (that is how the bear was named) woke up and walked into the Tatra forests. He was equipped with a GPS collar which takes his position at given time intervals and then, using the GSM network, sends data on his locations to the base station. Thanks to this system, we know that Hugo has already visited the following valleys: Mała Łąka, Strążyska, za Bramką, Kościeliska, Tomanowa and Pyszna. Research of blood samples, taken during the capture, showed that Hugo’s body is not working in full swing – he is not yet fully awoken from winter sleep.