Predator control in “Carnivore Damage Prevention News”

The occurrence of conflicts arising from large carnivore damage to human food sources is common to both marine and terrestrial ecosystems. For example, bears can raid apiaries on land and seals break nets at fish farms in the sea. But what are the commonalities and differences between the methods implemented to mitigate this problem in both ecosystems? Do scientists and practitioners consider animal welfare when designing and implementing mitigation techniques? Is the removal of marine and terrestrial predators a valid option to reduce conflicts under certain circumstances?

Experts on the ecology and behaviour of large marine mammals have worked together with their terrestrial counterparts to answer these and other questions and to encourage an ethical and comprehensive approach for conflict mitigation. The member of our team Carlos Bautista had the opportunity to join the research group. The result of this research effort is now published in the latest issue of Carnivore Damage Prevention News.

We hope you enjoy the publication Predator control on land and at sea!