photo by Nuria Selva

Protect Bieszczady more and better

The current environmental, climatic, and epidemiological crisis is linked to human overpopulation and overexploitation of natural resources. One of the ways to tackle it is to protect functioning ecosystems better in order to protect ourselves. The Bieszczady Mountains in the Polish Carpathians are one of the natural areas that definitively should be protected to a larger extent.

A new publication compiles the natural values of the buffer zone of the Bieszczady National Park, from lichens to large carnivores, and provides arguments for the enlargement of the National Park with it. This buffer zone has undergone intensive and unregulated logging, hunting, road building, and artificial feeding in the last years. It covers an important part of the brown bear core reproductive areas in the Polish Eastern Carpathians. No doubt, bears would benefit from having more natural foods and less disturbed habitats to breed and winter in peace. Read more in the chapter dedicated to large carnivores.

The publication (in Polish) has been led by the Natural Heritage Foundation in cooperation with our Team members, Nuria Selva and Agnieszka Sergiel, is available at