The return of bears to the lowlands?

Brown bears in Europe are mostly confined to mountainous areas. The recent records of a brown bear with the help of phototraps in Bialowieza Forest (june 2019 and april 2020) have raised important questions about the potential return of bears to the European lowlands. A recently published paper in Global Ecology and Conservation, co-authored by Nuria Selva  and led by Tom Diserens, reviews the consequences for ecosystems of an eventual reestablishment of the species in Białowieża Forest and in the central European lowlands. A diverse array of ecological interactions will be restored, including ungulate predation, scavenging and seed dispersal, having significant and complex management implications.

The paper is freely accessible here:

Diserens TA, Churski M, Bubnicki JW, Stępniak K, Pekach A, Selva N, Kuijper DPJ. 2020. A dispersing bear in Białowieża Forest raises important ecological and conservation management questions for the central European lowlands. Global Ecology and Conservation