“Kuba The Bear. Stories from the bear den” children book

The Institute of Nature Conservation PAS and our Carpathian Brown Bear Project group recommend the book “Kuba The Bear. Stories from the bear den” [“Kuna Niedźwiedź. Historie z gawry”] by Renata Kijowska. It is a history of a bear family living in Tatra Mountains written […]

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A brown bear family photo-trapped at a hair-trapping station in the Northeastern Carpathians (SE Poland) while rubbing against a smola tree-trap

Effectiveness of various hair traps for brown bear research

We encourage you to read our recent publication entitled “Effectiveness of different types of hair traps for brown bear research and monitoring” and published in PLOS ONE. The study aimed at assessing the effectiveness of different types of hair traps, commonly used in bear research and […]

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A bear family (female with young) feeding in winter at an ungulate feeding site in Bieszczady Mountains in the northeastern Carpathians (SE Poland) (© IOP PAN)

Deer feeding is changing the lifestyle of brown bears

Humans have never provided so much food to wildlife. Wildlife feeding is widespread, but not necessarily good for wild animals and ecosystems. A new study warns that deer feeding may have unintended consequences. It affects not just deer but also changes the movement behavior of brown bears that now routinely visit feeding sites for deer. Researchers call for an urgent reevaluation of wildlife feeding practices.

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